Sunday, March 14, 2010

Drinking coffee for gout

Drinking coffee for gout

Gout is well known for causing pain and discomfort. Men are more prone to this disorder. There are many causes of gout, although the exact cause of gout is unknown. Diet plays a major role in gout treatment, control and prevention.

Gout is mainly caused due to the increased levels of uric acid levels in the blood stream and elevated uric acid levels results in the formation of uric acid crystals which deposit in the joint spaces causing pain and inflammation.

Drinking coffee for gout

According to the research, people those who drink decaffeinated coffee regularly have a lower risk of developing gout. It appears that the coffee caused reduction in uric acid levels in the blood stream allowing the coffee drinkers to avoid gout.

Research also suggests that coffee may be added to the list of foods that help gout. It is also suggested that if you are predisposed to gout attacks then you should eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid a high protein diet. Alcohol should also be avoided.

This is true that coffee is good for your gout symptoms. But, it can have negative effects on other conditions that are associated with gout such as diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, try to drink decaffeinated coffee. Do consult to your doctor before increasing your coffee doses.

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