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Uric acid reduction diet

Uric acid reduction diet

Uric acid is formed in the body due the metabolism of purines. This uric acid is flushed out from our body through urine. If it is not flushed out of the body properly, high levels of uric acid gets accumulated in to the blood and this increased concentration of the blood –uric acid results in several health related problems such as gout and kidney diseases. This condition is also known as 'hyperuricemia. There are many causes of Hyperuricemia such as high purine foods, hypoparathyroidism, lead poisoning, renal failure and chemotherapy.

Here are some diet tips on how to lower your uric acid levels by following a uric acid reduction diet menu.

Uric Acid Reduction Diet

Diet is very important for controlling the level of uric acid in the body. In order to lower your uric acid level, try to make a healthy diet menu by avoiding purine rich foods.

What to Eat?

Include potassium rich food sources like



Dried peaches


Orange juice



Kidney beans

Skimmed milk

Yam, etc.

Include complex protein rich food sources like









If you are suffering from hyperuricemia, then try to include low purine- low protein foods such as eggs, butter, cheese, corn, gelatin, peanut butter, tart cherries, vinegar, etc. in to your diet menu.

Foods that can be consumed on a regular basis:



Whole wheat breads

Cereals and vitamin c and bromelain rich foods such as pineapples, red cabbage and red bell peppers.

Fatty acids found in salmon, olive oil, flax, nuts, etc. may also be very beneficial to reduce uric acid levels. Plenty of water should be consumed to ensure elimination of uric acid through urine.

Lastly, uric acid reduction diet should be low in proteins and purines and high in potassium and complex carbohydrates. Try to maintain a regular exercise plan in order to maintain a moderate body weight for the reduction of uric acid in the body.

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